The Chicagotown MISSION STATEMENT is a great tool for understanding why the show has been developed and why the fundamental artistic and business objectives are important to know. It should answer some basic questions you may have.


Why has Chicagotown been developed?


In response to the City of Chicago being in the International Press (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, SKY NEWS, RAI TV, GLOBO TV and other outlets) during much of 2017 and 2018 one of the musicians was asked by a producer if he would be interested in performing music which has roots in the City of Chicago, and who represent the best that the city of Chicago has to offer in the genres of Jazz Rock, Rock, Blues and Pop. It’s a great “positive” presentation of everything “great” about Chicago.


What does Chicagotown perform?


Music from the Blues, Jazz and Rock stimulated from the city's artistic community.


What markets is Chicagotown available for?


Every country in the world.


What is the make-up of the Chicagotown performance?


Generally speaking, it has been decided to perform songs in proportion to the commercial success of the individuals who are involved in each performance.


Can a set-list be tailored to an event?


Yes, a promoter or event organizer can request any mix of songs, within reason. However, in order to properly portray the spirit of this show, there can be no times that any show can be 100% of “all Chicago-styled Blues” “all Chicago-styled Jazz”, “all Chicago-styled Rock”,  or “all songs from the band Chicago”.




This show in not affiliated or endorsed by the band Chicago or CMI Music and no current members of the band Chicago perform or appear as a participant of this show.


® World Entertainment Associates of America Inc.  |  All Rights Reserved


® World Entertainment Associates of America Inc.  |  All Rights Reserved